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Tring provides full cycle outsourced software development services specializing in the areas of customer service solutions and IP telephony.

We are professional software developers with many years of experience. We work as a full-stack team, including project and product management, quality assurance, and release engineering. Unlike others, we don’t have “junior” trainees to save costs — all team members are experienced in using advanced technologies: Java Script, Java, Angular, React, AWS, and others.

Why choose Tring

Our success is based on three pillars:

Expertise in customer service solutions and IP telephony

Endorsed by Genesys, the leader in cloud- and on-premise customer experience solutions, we bring many years of technology and infrastructure management expertise.

Teams of senior experts

When your project is unique, you need someone who can design and architect, not just execute. Our teams include subject-matter experts and highly experienced industry leaders so whatever the challenge, we are up for it.

Effective project management

Every successful project needs a plan, and the discipline to follow it. We are good at both.

Our approach

Over the years, we have developed a unique and successful approach:

  • Comprehensive collaboration with clients — our dedicated project teams work closely with client teams on defining and trackng requirements and progress.
  • Application of agile process development using established project management tools and methodology.
  • Work around varying location time-differences to respond promptly to client requests.

Our team is ready to support any stage of a project including collecting initial requirements, design, definition, development and continuous improvements.

Our key strengths

We are ready to provide our expertise and take ownership for what we deliver.

  • Full software development cycle experts.
  • Experienced development team working toegether for a long time.
  • We understand business and we understand technology.
  • Effective communicators and good listeners.
  • Responsible and honest individuals.

You will not regret choosing Tring as your software development partner.

Our core values




Code Quality

Team Work

Management team

Arkady Erlikhman

- President and CEO -

Arkady is responsible for the business direction of the company and client communications. Prior to founding Tring, Mr. Erlikhman was the Director of Product Development at Oracle where he was responsible for the development and deployment of Server Technologies. Prior to that he was the Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering at 3Cube, a real-time collaboration and IP telephony company acquired by Oracle. Arkady spent 6 years as the Director of Engineering at Elonex Technologies, where he managed engineering team.

Marina Chaban

- Project-manager -

Marina has strong expertise in managing and delivering projects. Her career included working at a top consulting company where she was tasked with project management, operational efficiency, and business evaluations.

Bill James

- Advisor -

Bill has a distinguished career as a technology operating executive with extensive experience in product management, business development, marketing, and sales across major technology categories. His hands-on knowledge coupled with a keen perspective into market opportunities and execution bring a unique and valued point of view as an advisor.

What our customers say

Slava Zhakov, CTO

During our co-operation, Tring has proven to be a responsible partner providing services of high quality given time frames. We want to thank Arkady, the CEO of Tring for the services provided. We are fully satisfied with the professionalism of the Tring team, their level of knowledge, and the innovative tools and methodologies used. We will continue a long-term engagement with Tring.


Dan Kikinis, President & CEO

We are grateful to the Tring team for their contribution. We hired the company for a specific project with tough deadlines and the team worked under a lot of time pressure. During the project the team was well organized and managed. They demonstrated outstanding performance and could effectively work with our team and other vendors. All deadlines were met with high quality.


Igor Neyman, President & CEO

We've hired Tring to implement a Genesys solution at our company. The team also helped us integrate products from another vendor. The project was successful and we continue to work with Tring as they help us implement future changes and provide support.


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We can help you improve customer service interactions including identifying the best solution, integration with your existing environment, and ongoing operations.