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Our clients deal with many flavors of customer service software used for CRM, call center implementations, and ERP systems both in the cloud and on-premises. The quality and cost of maintatining consistent customer interactions is critical. We can help you get more business insights from your customer interactions, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency.

Software Development & Engineering

We offer a wide range of software development services, including assisting our clients in maintaining existing IT systems and applications, or building new applications. Tring is a Genesys partner with many successful projects completed.

We are experts in computer telephony integration technology.

Web App Development

System Integration

DevOps Practices

Third Party Technology Integrations


Mobile Web Development

Continuous Support

We help corporations develop unique solutions to address complex business challenges and create value through sustainable innovation. As pragmatic consultants with an eye on execution, we help design and achieve market-leading roadmaps by combining creative thinking, technology expertise, and global reach.

Partner with us to:

  • Achieve deeper insights into your customer service and develop innovative responses to your most pressing challenges, leading with an empathetic, human-centered perspective
  • Transcend the limitations of traditional software packages by combining technologies, open source software, and start-up innovations
  • Accelerate response to emergying technologies by using artificial intelligence (AI), cloud infrastructure, and automation

IT Consulting

Maintenance & Support

Quality Assurance

Automated testing is an excellent way to ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs. Compared to manual testing,  QA automation offers many benefits that can cut costs, radically reduce time to market, optimize development workflows, and dramatically improve end-product quality.

Tring is committed to reduce potential risks related to the releasing of immature software that could cause malfunctions, representing in most cases additional costs, both in their correction itself, but with even more in hazardous commercial or potential legal consequences for your organization if the software under testing performs badly in key features. Based on both manual and automated testing top of the edge methodologies and tools, we provide our customer ease of mind by assessing and assuring the quality of their software products.

QA Automation

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We can help you improve customer service interactions including identifying the best solution, integration with your existing environment, and ongoing operations.