Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Transitioning to the cloud is an important decision for any business and requires ample consideration. Should you move to a private, public or hybrid cloud? Is it best to host some of your business applications locally and some in the cloud? These are only a few of the questions that businesses should consider when deciding on whether or not to utilize the cloud.

Our Cloud Solutions team works collaboratively with you to determine your needs at the onset. We will assess the advantages and disadvantages of your workflow, budget and business objectives in order to recommend an optimal solution. We provide the expertise necessary to build new infrastructure, migrate designated services and minimize risk so your organization has the flexibility and scalability to adjust to organizational change.

After design and implementation, we provide ongoing management to support your new environment and maximize uptime while, reducing the cost of ownership and delivering a positive experience for your end users. Whether you are looking to start with an email migration to Office 365, find innovative ways to transform your business for budgetary or compliance purposes, or start a new business without enduring capital expenses, we can help you achieve those goals with a solution that meets your needs without excessive spending.

With a connection to the internet, you can be sure that your cloud-based IT infrastructure, applications, and email will be readily accessible.
Benefits of the Cloud

Advantageous for businesses of all Sizes
Fast and Efficient Buildout of Environments
Instant Scalability and Flexibility to Adjust to Organizational Change
Strictly Operating Expense vs. Capital Expense
Adaptability to Growth with Agility and Speed
Reductions in Expenditure on Hardware, Software and Equipment
Minimal Onsite Hardware
Low Cost of Ownership
Maximum Security, Uptime and Regulatory Compliance
TIA-942 Tier 4 Certified Data Centers

Boost your business now

We can help you improve customer service interactions including identifying the best solution, integration with your existing environment, and ongoing operations.