JIRA is Atlassian’s issue and project tracking tool. To put it simply: JIRA allows you to track any kind of unit of work (be it an issue, bug, story, project task, etc.) through a predefined workflow.

Both the unit (what you call your item of work) and the workflow (the steps that item takes from open to close) can be highly customized for your team’s specific requirements, whether simple or more complex.

On top of all that, JIRA’s really good at tracking (via detailed, custom reports and dashboards) where all of your project items/issues lie at a teamwide, company or individual level.

Collaboration’s also a big point of emphasis in JIRA – @mentioning, formatted commenting , and sharing issues via email all help make your work more visible to your teams so folks stay on the same page throughout their project, release, or set of tasks.

Some common use cases include software development, feature implementation, bug tracking, agile project management (with JIRA Agile), and service desk ticket tracking (with JIRA Service Desk).

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